Monday, July 19, 2010

Poco Bueno...just a little bit of fun!

This past week Kenny and I have been on the Texas coast for one of the biggest fishing tournaments in the country, Poco Bueno, but all the locals refer to it as simply Poco. Its practically a state holiday around these parts and I can definitely see why.

For as long as I've known Kenny, I've known about this tournament and about how much his family is in to it. They all come together for the festivities so I was excited/nervous about meeting the rest of his bunch. I was happy to find out that his brother and sister are just as great as he described and his parents were as welcoming as ever.

To give you an idea of how the week goes for Poco, every night there is a huge feast that is provided for all the fishermen and there significant others. I'm talking about the kind of food that makes you nearly comatose after finishing the meal because you've eaten so much so fast because its so good.
 Let me see if I can remember the menu for the week

Wednesday: Fillet Mignon, fried oysters, grilled veggies, salad, apple and peach cobbler

Thursday: Fried Chicken, Black Eyed Peas, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Pulled Pork Quesadillas and an assortment of cookies

Friday: Chicken and Steak Fajitas with all the appropriate fixins and banana pudding parfait and key lime pie

Saturday: Every type of BBQ including ribs, brisket, turkey...coleslaw, potato salad, salad and for dessert...lemon bars, pecan pie and chocolate brownies.

Can you tell the food was one of my favorite parts!

On top of all that goodness, there was an open bar.

It was a big Party!

As for the tournament part of this giant party, all the teams left on Thursday evening after dinner and were gone until Saturday night unless they caught a big Blue Marlin. Kenny's team didn't get to come back early but not because of lack of fish. According to him, they caught a Grand Slam on Saturday which is a blue marlin, a white marlin and a bill fish. None of the three were big enough to keep but it was still a rarity to catch all three in one day. The next day of fishing was full of "meat" fish. That's the kind of fish you can eat. The name may seem obvious to some, but it didn't click with me. They were catching so many dolphin and wahoo that they had to start throwing them back.

A few shots from off shore

 Ain't he cute
he's a great angler
look at all that meat

Well no money was won by Kenny's team but that's okay. He said as far as fun goes this was one of the best fishing trips of his fishing career. There's always next year!

Even though I had fun hanging out at the beach and La Cantina while Kenny was off fishing, I was super excited for him to get back. I felt like Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic, the part where she briskly walks through town to jump into arms of her man. I couldn't get to him fast enough!

It was time for a night of good food, good drinks and good music! Oh and can't forget the good company! I had a fantastic first Poco Bueno and am looking forward to many more!

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  1. Hay! I love your posts :) and I'm in love with your life lol!!! Sounds like you really are having the time of you life with Kenny and we all think it's so great! We miss you though ;)