Monday, July 12, 2010

My Kind of Fishing

This past weekend, K and I decided to drive down to the coast on saturday to collect driftwood on the beach. I'm interested in doing something creative with the driftwood but it is going to take a few more trips to collect enough to do what I want. We didn't know what to expect when we got out there so we weren't prepared for all the obstacles that came with collecting the wood. The number one problem were the bugs! We were eaten alive out there while digging through all the debris, so next time we'll wear more bug spray and probably more clothing. It was also hot, hot, hot and the beach was a little crowded. But still, we got a few good pieces.
We didn't bring anything to hold the wood either so we ended up using this bait basket that was in the debris.

After giving the mosquitoes on the beach a good snack, we headed back in for dinner. When it turned dark, K suggested that we go night fishing off the peer in front of the house. I don't usually have much luck with fishing, but I figured I'd give this a try. He demonstrated how to cast the line and he made it look so easy. I was ready for my turn and quickly figured out casting this thing is not as easy as it looks. My first cast went about two feet and we laughed. My second cast went maybe 4 feet and I apologized for not getting it. On my third try it went a whopping 8 feet out into the water and I grunted in frustration and started to reel it in when all the sudden I felt a big tug! "Oh my god, I got a bite!" I started reeling and this fish was not going down without giving a good fight. Kenny kept encouraging me to fight it while trying to keep me from tangling the line or messing anything up. It felt like I was reeling in a 10 pounder. After a bit of a struggle, I finally got my "giant" fish in sight. K grabbed the net at pulled it out! 
I was super excited! I hooked a fish with out even trying. I like to think I'm just a natural. 

Come to find out, the fish wasn't that big. It was about a 17 inch redfish but I was still proud of myself. I'm also proud of myself for holding it for this picture (another first for me).
I told Kenny that I'm now ready to get back out on the boat for some real fishing! I'm chasing that thrill of getting a big bite!

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  1. I just LOVE your blogs!!! They keep me entertained throughout the whole read! Keep'em up girl!