Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend in the Heights

Kenny and I are getting this grilling thing down. Hmmm…not quite yet, but we did make some dang good chicken an a stick this past weekend. All it took was skewers, chicken strips and BBQ sauce and voila! Tastiness!P7240011After a week of pouring rain, the clouds finally parted for a weekend of sunshine, which was the perfect weather for some cruising in the Jeep. K took the top of the jeep for the first time since he got it back in December. He was shocked we’d gone this long without taking it off so he was pretty excited to go for a drive and so was I. It was really nice to drive through The Heights, looking at all the pretty bungalow houses and neat older homes with the sun beaming down and the wind keeping us cool. I enjoyed it so much that I took a few snap shots of us cruising around.
I’m having a great time in Houston and one of the reasons is because I love K’s neighborhood. Its an area of Houston called the Heights and is one of the coolest, most eclectic areas around. I feel so lucky that I get to enjoy so much time here. So what better place to go for our jeep ride than the Heights. We pulled down 19th street and found a parking spot and began our walk in and out of every little boutique and antique store on the street. We saw a ton of cool stuff and a few pieces we seriously considered getting, but in the end couldn’t commit to anything because there was always the thought in the back of our minds that the next store would have something even better! A lot of the stores were way expensive. It was crazy how much they would charge for a piece they probably paid next to nothing for. But there was one store we stopped in that wasn’t so pricey. The stuff they were selling was just a cool as the other places but way more reasonable. The catch is you have to dig and the fabulous item you buy might have a little (a lot) of dust on it, but a little dirt is better than a lotta buck. They had the friendliest people working and they even offered us ice cold cokes as soon as we walked in the door. We’ll definitely be making a few trips back to this place, The Stardust.
P7250024 Our last stop on our antique excursion was this place that specialized in the unique as you can see by the living room set that for some reason couldn’t convince Kenny to buy. I thought it was pimptastic. P7250025 So we didn’t make any purchases but still had a GREAT time looking at all the neat stores. (Neat- we used that word about 1000 times today) We finished up our fun day with yummy salsa and chips at Cedar Creek Cafe and some Ms. Pac Man action! Kenny totally kicked my butt.
P7250027 P7250028
It was a good Sunday in the Heights!

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  1. I CAN'T believe Kenny wouldn't get that living room suit??? What was he thinking? It looks awesome!