Monday, February 14, 2011

Kettlebelling for Spring Break

A few posts ago I mentioned that I wanted to try working out with a Kettlebell...because according to this Yahoo Article, it is possible using one to burn 300 calories in 15 minutes. That sounded pretty good to me considering that I don't enjoy exercising (atleast not in my current physical condition).  But, I lasted about ten minutes.  Its my first day. I wouldn't want to exert myself too much. I'll go for 15 minutes tomorrow. Promise!

This is the kettlebell I bought today

Its 10 lbs. A good option for beginners although it may be a bit on the heavy side. I probably should have started with the 5 lb bell. Anyway, this one is girly and not as intimidating as the traditional kettlebells that the Russian athletes used that are made of cast iron like these. I have to master the techniques of kettlebell swinging before I endanger the walls, windows and people (including myself) around me by using a cast iron bell.
 Oh and mine was significantly cheaper. This 10 lb-er is $42, mine was $18

And it came with a workout DVD with a warm up, 3 workouts and a cool down.

Its a simple workout but seems very effective. My heart was pumping 170 beats a minute after performing a few Kettlebell throws. A kettlebell throw is the most common requires you to swing the kettlebell back  through your legs while in a squatting position and then swing it forward until it is above your head.
 After ten of these, I was breaking a sweat. 

          I want to see somebody perform a kettlebell throw using the cast iron kettlebell on the bottom right of that chart above...106 

Well I feel a bit like a wimp for not completing the short work out. My goal is to make it all the way through it tomorrow. I can do it : )

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ikea Finds

This weekend Kenny and me made a visit to Ikea. The place amazes me...its always packed full of people. The parking lot looks like the parking lot at Six Flags. And of course we found lots of things we wanted or just thought were cool. I can see making some big impulse buys in there

this wardrobe. its plain, but we both agreed that its pretty cool. we especially like the simple hook latch 

And this bed...
This pendant light...looks like daisies : )

Thursday, February 3, 2011

San Antonio

This past weekend I had the chance to visit a really cool city, San Antonio. Kenny's mom recently retired and her coworkers threw her and other retirees a big party. The party was held in the club room of the Frost Bank. The view from the 16th floor provided awesome panoramic views of the city. It was a really fun event with good food, drinks and dancing. It was fun to see how special Kenny's mom is to all the women and men she worked with. I was truly impressed by the kind words her coworkers had to say.

This was my first time visiting San Antonio so I wanted to check things out while we we're there. Before going to his mom's event, Kenny, his sister Rebecca, her boyfriend Robert and I took a walk around downtown San Antonio. We were lucky enough to stay downtown so we we're within walking distance of the Alamo and the Riverwalk.

150 yr old tree in the courtyard of Alamo. It was huge. The branches touched the ground and grew back upwards.
the stone roads and side walks we're pretty
The famous Alamo. Not as big as you think. And its in the middle of downtown.
Majestic Theater. I love the colors and columns
Our Hotel...The Gunter.

We only got to walk around for a few hours so I definitely want to go back and take it all in...and take more pictures. I realize these aren't that great. 
At the retirement celebration. I couldn't get over how handsome K looked

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Art as Sweet as Honey

Honey is my adopted step-dog. She is my boyfriend's lovable/pesky yellow Labrador Retriever. 

Honey knows one trick...sit, but this trick only works if you're holding a bacon flavored Beggin' Strip. 

She's great at hello's, as soon as you walk in the door Honey comes barreling toward you and then proceeds to buck around in circles like a wild bronco. She also goes into these circle fits when you're trying to pet, brush, bathe, feed, scratch or put a leash on her...making all of these acts impossible. 

DO NOT sit down around her without your guard up because as soon as your butt hits the couch, Honey is ready to make you her personal body pillow. She's like a 3yr old who doesn't know the meaning of the word NO! 

Oh...and never leave a trash can unattended or its contents will be strewn throughout every room in the house. 

Sadly, many-a-socks  have lost their partner to the wrath of Honey.

But as much as she may drive me crazy she can easily regain my favor by simply looking the way she does. She has permanent puppy eyes that make you go "AWWWW, look at her!!" 
Another great Honey quality: She loves water as much as Kenny and I do. She's always down for a dip!

The Heart-Melting "AWW, Look at her!" face

Center of Attention
One of those times when her love of water came out at the wrong time...and her misunderstanding of NO!!
She has been known to leave some pretty ugly gouges in my poor legs from pouncing on the couch, but every now and then it's pretty nice to have a giant cuddle buddy. 

Okay, now that I've got the Honey spiel out of the way maybe this post won't seem too random. I think it would be cool to find a piece of art to put up in the house inspired by the resident pest queen of the house. Inspired by Honey here are a few pieces that I found:

Black Lab Print from Etsy here

Sleeping June on Etsy by: biffbangpow here
 Five Labs Z-Gallerie
Black Lab- Z-Gallerie

 Funky Lab Painting on Etsy here

Print from

Bed Time Print. here
This is hilarious & the way Honey would have things if she was in control