Wednesday, March 2, 2011


just another pointless post about ya go

Stuff I might buy if Mark Zuckerberg was my sugar other words this stuff is ridiculously, insanely expensive...and I'm baffled at some of the prices. All items found on 1stdibs. I'm getting the feeling that everything on their site is seriously over-priced...
English Wire Locker...this is cool...but for a cool $2400 the towels will find somewhere else to hang...

Cool Studded Console: Green Lacquered Console by Tommi Parzinger...price: contact dealer...which means $$$$ but I do like this
I've seen tons of signs like this...I want to know why this one priced $2200, besides making a sucker out of whoever buys it. 
40ft of Nautical Rope circa 1940s...$950...but "it has a nice patina"..ha

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