Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I’m Hooked

This past weekend Kenny and I went fishing out of Port O’Connor, Texas. Kenny got the call earlier in the week to invite us to go off shore. He asked if I was interested and I said sure, why not! I didn’t know what I was in for, but to my delight we were getting to go out on an awesome boat named the Hydrocarbon.


  It is a 40 foot Cabo Express and it is nice. I was most impressed with the interior. The Hydrocarbon had air conditioning, a bed room, sitting area, kitchenette, and a bathroom with a shower. As a girl these types of amenities are a luxury! I can’t imagine not having a toilet or A/C!!

We began our trip around lunch time Saturday and it took us about two hours to get to where we were going. We were headed to a place called the hilltops where the fishing is supposed to be really good. We got there after a long drive. We all napped a little bit so it didn’t seem to take that long. Once we got there all the guys (I was the only girl with guys) started setting up the poles while I sat inside and watched from the comforts of cold air conditioning.

P7310065  I had no idea how much preparation goes into off shore fishing, but these guys were all pros and had everything up and running in no time. After all the lines were in place out in the water, we started trolling trying to get a bite. I sat out there for a while waiting and watching intently, but after about thirty minutes I decided it was too hot and went inside to the glorious air conditioning. We trolled for four hours and didn’t have any luck. I was a little disappointed but I was still having a good time just being on the water and trying something new.


Another cool feature on the boat was a grill that fits right into a rod holder. So after the guys took all the lines down and got cleaned up, one of the guys grilled up some delicious steaks and tortillas and we had fajitas. I was quite impressed with the whole operation. I think Kenny should get one of those grills for his boat! We would definitely put it to use. Once the food was devoured, more fishing commenced. One of the guys knew all about swordfish fishing so he set up a few lines with squid and sent them down about 100-300 feet. Within twenty minutes we got a bite! Everybody was excited and grabbing cameras. Finally!! Something was happening.


Eric was the angler and everyone else watched as the sword was getting closer to the boat.


At one point it swam right up and beside the boat and we could all see it’s long, dark shadow.


After a relatively short fight we got the fish into the boat. Well the guys did; I was the photographer. This fish was so cool. It had huge eye balls the size of a cue ball. When I saw it up close I said, “that bill looks exactly like a sword” and then realized, “duh, hence the name.” This was the first time most of us had ever caught a sword so it was exciting for all of us. I was glad I could be there for Kenny’s first swordfish.

P7310135 P7310132 Kenny jumped in the water to get a group shot with the name of the boat.

After the swordfish excitement it was getting late so I went inside to fall asleep watching King Kong (did I mention there was satellite television) on the tv. I was pretty tired, especially after taking Dramamine so I fell asleep quick. I slept great! Sleeping in the boat with the sound of the generators humming and the boat rocking is like being a baby back in your mama’s arms. I haven’t slept that good in weeks!

The next morning we went trolling again and it was going kind of slow. They decided it was time for a change in location and that was just what we needed. I got to reel in my first off shore fish! A decent size dolphin and it was so much fun! P7310151 P8010163P8010164 

  I loved it! I’m hooked! I can’t wait for the next trip.

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